Engine Software is a small independently owned developer. It is not our ambition to become the next 200+ people triple-A studio, we believe in the “power core” philosophy, keep your team small, make them really good at what they do, and do as much as you possibly can.

Full time positions

A lot of members of our team have been with the company for many years, and a lot of them were hired straight out of school (former interns). Therefore, it is not that common for Engine Software to be hiring, but if you are interested in joining our team: keep an eye on this page!

If you are the pro-active type that would like to send us your resume and cover letter anyway (regardless of job posts), you can do so by dropping us an E-mail (no phone calls please). A fair warning: we have no audio positions (ever) internally or externally, we are not looking for localization partners (we have a solid partner we have worked with over 10 years) and we are not looking for off-shoring database development in India (seriously people!).

Currently we are: not hiring.


We do regularly offer internships to students who are looking for placement at a company for a minimum of four months (if your internship is shorter, sorry, but we can’t teach you anything significant in a short amount of time). Internship positions are usually available for Art and Programming, not design, audio or writing. If you are interested in an internship please drop us an E-mail. Include information about your school, length of the internship and your personal passions and portfolio / sample programs.

At the moment we have internships available for aspiring programmers and artists! Send us an E-mail if you are interested!