Engine Software consists of a small team of dedicated professionals, with tons of experience. We are proud that the core team members have been part of Engine Software for over a decade (some almost nearing two decades). Although – like most companies – our exact team size and the people change from time to time, our best current approxamization of who Engine Software are looks like this:

Ivo Wubbels, CEO
Ivo is our president. He still has to work though. Ivo’s good at coding. He can code a complete game by himself. No one believes that. Ivo DID all the coding for SeaDoo HydroCross by himself. No one believed that. Ivo doesn’t play a lot of games. Basically that’s because he works all the time. Ivo kicks ass at shoot ’em ups. We suspect he has somekind of ESP chip implanted in his brain to avoid getting hit. Or he’s psychic.
Jeroen Schmitz, Senior Producer
Jeroen used to be one of our main programmers. He turned out to be more of a mean programmer. His favorite hobby was pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE during an un-saved programming session. So we promoted him to Project Manager. Now, he is one piece of tranquility. Just not at work. Instead of bugs, now scheduling haunts him. We think the angry looks and swearing are part of some bonding ritual.
Hiroshi Wijmer, Lead Designer
Hiroshi is our signature Japanese guy. Every studio needs one. Since he is half-Dutch, we didn’t even need to get him a visa. While he is here, Hiro designs games. From girly dress-up games to hardcore alien-smashing action games, Hiro does it all. Because we do it all. Do not bring up professional pride in his vicinity.
Maarten Zwetsloot, Technical Artist
Every team needs a silent strong type. Maarten is silent. Maarten is str…yeah, he’s silent. For an artist he has an unusual understanding of coding. Must be the well suited education he got. Maarten studied Astronomy. Don’t ask. He was the first artist to join for our soccer breaks. Others followed. Maarten leads by example. Regarding games, Maarten loves Guitar Hero. Maarten loves Ratchet & Clank. Seeing him play makes us think the feeling’s not mutual.
Aaron Willemsen, Senior Artist
Aaron is a former intern. Back then, he worked on Dragon Hunters. Making games with dragons and lush environments was a dream come true for Aaron. So he stuck around. When hired his first game was Princess in Love. Aaron was less impressed by that. His initial response included words like “happy” and “girly” and the excrement of a four-legged animal. Luckily, we managed to keep Aaron on board with other projects. His 3D work is of such high standard he raised the bar for everyone else. We had to buy new bar stools.
Dirk-Jan Bijlsma, Artist & Level Designer
Dirk Jan is anonymous. Google him and you won’t find a thing. We suspect this is not even his real name. We don’t care. Dirk Jan is a binding factor in our team. He talks to everyone, explains well and his patience is. We didn’t even have the patience to finish the previous sentence. No one is really sure what he does at the company though. He started with two different internships, the first for art, the second for level design. Recently he completed his first coding job. Dirk Jan does everything, but he keeps to the side so much no one notices. Perhaps we should check if he shows up in pictures.
Sandra van Onna, Lead Secretary
Sandra is a difficult story. She’s the first non-gamer here at Engine. She’s also married and a mother. We can’t write too many bad things about her because of that. We think that sucks. Sandra used to be the only female here. She doesn’t seem to care. When Sandra is not going through all our bills and fraud papers, she might be found at home doing mother things. Her favorite game is monopoly. Go figure.
Ruud van de Moosdijk, Vice-President
Ruud is our vice-president. Ruud talks a lot with the publishers. Somehow, they seem to like him. Or they pretend to. Ruud likes to play RPGs. He’s got a huge Final Fantasy collection. Ruud is good at languages. He can say ‘cheers’ in no less than fourteen languages. This makes him Engine’s multilingual miracle. Besides games, music is Ruud’s biggest passion. He can name every Japanese game musician since 1986. Which is fun but useless. Actually it’s not even fun.
Sandra Meijer, Art Director
Sandra is our Art Director. She directs art. She also makes art. We won’t mention Sandra is the only female artist here. It makes us sad. Being the only female is obvious anyway: her desk is the best organized and cleanest in the building. She can also be identified by the signature red water jug she carries around. Sandra is very thorough in everything. We hired her to counter our natural chaos. We think the chaos will win. Luckily, she’s pretty good at making art too.
Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans, Senior Lead Programmer
Jan-Lieuwe is a loner. He is such a loner he got kicked out of the United Loners Club since he never showed up. After that, he came to us. Jan-Lieuwe is one of the old-skool programmers. If he can add extra features in anything he creates he will. Whether we like it or not. Jan-Lieuwe knows how to make music too. He gave himself the modest nickname ‘Master of Audio’. Jan-Lieuwe answers every question regarding food and drinks with “MEAT!”. We suspect he was a vegetarian butcher with a serious trauma in his last life.
Bart Veldstra, Game Programmer
He’s new. Check back later.
Jeroen Matser, Game Programmer
So in the end we traded in Ivo the second for a Jeroen the second.
Peter Maandag, Game Programmer
He’s new. Check back later.
Rene van Onna, Floor Manager
Rene is a difficult story. He’s the second non-gamer here at Engine. He’s also married (to Sandra) and a father. We can’t write too many bad things about him because of that. We think that sucks. We think he messes up his kids. Sometimes his kids visit the office. No kid in his right mind would do that. When Rene is not helping out with establishing a healthy and fun work environment, he might be found at home doing fatherly stuff. Like messing up his kids.