3D/2D game-art intern

We at Engine-Software are searching for a talented game-art intern. We are currently developing a great looking mobile action game that we love to see coming to Android and IOS before Summer 2018. Key words for the intern we are looking for are;

  • enthusiasm
  • fun team
  • co-creation
  • friendly support
  • pitch in
  • build your skills
  • great looking art

Are YOU the person we’re looking for? Please email us a motivation, your resume, and a link to your Portfolio.


  • Ample experience in modeling (3D Studio Max)
  • Good experience in painting textures (Adobe Photoshop)Team spirit (able to work together with team)
  • Experience in Unity (not necessary, but it is a plus if you have the experience)
  • Fluent in Dutch and/or English