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Engine Software consists of a small team of dedicated professionals, with tons of experience. We are proud that the core team members have been part of Engine Software for over a decade (some almost nearing two decades). Although – like most companies – our exact team size and the people change from time to time, our best current approxamization of who Engine Software are looks like this:

Upper Management:

Ivo Wubbels

Ruud van de Moosdijk
VP of Development

Kind of mid-level Management:

Jeroen Schmitz
Senior Producer

Sandra Meijer
Art Director

Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans
Senior Lead Programmer

Jeroen Matser
Lead Programmer

Really no level Management At All:

Hiroshi Wijmer
Lead Designer

Maarten Zwetsloot
Senior Technical Artist

Dirk-Jan Bijlsma
Senior Level Designer / Artist

Aaron Willemsen
Senior Artist

Peter Maandag
Game Programmer

Michel Dijkstra
Game Programmer

Willem-Jan Eeftingh
Game Programmer

David Katsma
Game Programmer

Floyd Huizinga
Game Programmer

Stefan Pelskamp
Game Programmer

Not Management but invaluable Supporting Roles:

Sandra van Onna
Lead Secretary

René van Onna
Technical Staff / Game Tester