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Posted on: 2024-06-21 19:06:50
Kalypso Media today has launched the Nintendo Switch edition of Darkstar One, marking our 27th Switch release! Available now!
Posted on: 2024-06-10 06:19:24
Ubisoft has publicly announced the pending release of a new Monopoly. Engine Software has developed this new version completely from scratch. Monopoly will be released for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch later this year!
Posted on: 2024-02-16 06:19:24
Today, publisher NIS America has released Playstation 5 versions of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV. Available for download now, as well as a unique bundled physical Limited Edition.
Posted on: 2023-08-15 06:12:26
Few teams can be called true friends, but this is certainly true of Rockfish Games. We were honored to receive their trust to bring their latest game, Everspace 2, to Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Available now!
Posted on: 2023-07-07 06:12:26
NIS America today released the long awaited western ports of the next chapter in the long-running Legend of Heroes "Trails" series, with Trails into Reverie for Nintendo Switch, PC and Playstation 5. Available now!
Posted on: 2023-05-09 06:07:16
Following the release of Ys VIII for Playstation 5 last year, we are delighted to report Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is now also available for Playstation 5.
Posted on: 2022-11-15 06:07:16
Publisher NIS America today released the Playstation 5 version of Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana. Although we did not work on the original game or original ports, we were delighted to bring this chapter in the Ys series to Playstation 5.
Posted on: 2022-08-20 06:03:04
Publisher NIS America has released NIS Classics volume 3 for Nintendo Switch. This bundle makes the classic games La Pucelle: Ragnarok and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure playable on your Nintendo Switch.
Posted on: 2021-09-17 06:03:04
Publisher Bandai Namco has released Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom for the Nintendo Switch.
Posted on: 2021-04-22 15:09:26
Publisher NIS America has announced that our port for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox will be released on the Nintendo Switch July 6th!
Posted on: 2021-02-12 15:09:26
No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, the Suda51 classics we recently ported to Nintendo Switch are now also available for streaming through the Amazon Luna streaming service! You gotta be shittin' me!
Posted on: 2021-02-11 15:07:06
We are happy to announce we have completed our most recent work with Tarsier Studios, and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the second Little Nightmares game on the Nintendo Switch today!
Posted on: 2021-01-14 15:07:06
The long awaited comeback is here! Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game - Complete Edition releases today for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and is also available on Amazon Luna!
Posted on: 2020-07-10 15:01:48
We're extremely proud to have been trusted to work on the Switch port of Ys IX Monstrum Nox. One of the longest running RPG series in existence, the series of Ys started in 1987 with Ancient Ys Vanished Omen. The Ninth part, available for PS4, will be ported by our team to Nintendo Switch, and we will also handle the port to PC with the team at PH3.
Posted on: 2020-06-30 21:11:48
Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III has now been released for the Nintendo Switch. We hope everyone has a blast playing it!
Posted on: 2020-04-29 03:40:58
Earlier today, publisher Ubisoft released Monopoly for the Google Stadia platform. This is our first game for the streaming platform, and to celebrate Ubisoft put in a whopping 75% discount for Stadia Pro members until May 13!
Posted on: 2020-04-01 06:26:34
Because who stops at 3 right? Right? No one! Which is why we are delighted to announce we are working on the Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV for PC and Nintendo Switch. We once again team up with PH3 in Austria to help develop the PC version, and of course NIS America for the publishing.
Posted on: 2020-03-09 21:57:39
We are delighted to announce that we teamed up once more with NIS America to bring back Prinny dood! Prinny 1·2 Exploded and Reloaded is in development for release on the Nintendo Switch. It combines both PSP Prinny games with downloadable content. Check out the announcement trailer below!
External Link: Announcement Trailer
Posted on: 2019-12-03 18:35:35
We are proud to announce we are currently working with NIS America to bring Nihon Falcom's brilliant JRPG "Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3" to the Nintendo Switch. Scheduled for release in 2020!
Posted on: 2019-09-19 18:51:55
Apple Arcade has launched today, and with it two products that we had a hand in: both Cornfox & Bros long awaited sequel to Oceanhorn "Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm" and UK developer MilkyTea's "Hyperbrawl Tournament" launch today for the Apple Arcade platform.

Posted on: 2019-09-18 14:08:39
Fan-Favorite "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch" launches for the Nintendo Switch tomorrow! Together with publisher Bandai-Namco, we have worked hard to bring this unforgettable adventure to Nintendo's console and we are delighted with the end result. Go get your copy, available 9/19!
Posted on: 2019-08-13 09:40:12
It's been a while since we announced a fully home grown developed game, but here it is! In close collaboration with FDG Entertainment, we have developed a new mobile action game based on the highly succesful Banana Kong franchise: Banana Kong Blast! Available now on Android and iOS!

Posted on: 2019-06-20 23:54:47
Underworld Ascendant, developed by OtherSide Entertainment, is available for Playstation 4 as of today. This release includes all the updates and improvements made on the PC version which was released earlier. The Xbox One version will follow shortly!

Return to The Stygian Abyss in Underworld Ascendant, the action RPG designed to maximize player choice. Journey through the unfamiliar. Unlock your creative potential.

Posted on: 2019-06-17 18:24:51
We are proud to announce we are working with Bandai-Namco and Level-5 to bring their classic tale: Ni no Kuni - Wrath of the White Witch to the Nintendo Switch.

Join Oliver as he embarks on an adventure through a world inhabited by new friends and ferocious foes alike in the hopes of bringing back his mother after a tragic incident. With a copy of the Wizard’s Companion in his hand and his trusty friend Drippy by his side, he will travel across this rich fantasy world to tame familiars, take on enemies, and overcome the countless challenges that stand between him and his mother’s salvation.
Posted on: 2019-03-13 09:00:00
Publisher Nippon Ichi Software has released the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Caligula Effect: Overdose today. Engine developed both versions based on the original Japanese PS4 version.

Posted on: 2019-03-06 19:38:20
The port of Swords & Soldiers 2: Shawarmageddon is now available for the Nintendo Switch. Working closely with fellow Dutch developers Ronimo Games and Two Tribes we are delighted to have had a hand in bringing this fantastic strategy game to the Switch audience.
External Link: eShop Link
Posted on: 2019-01-01 09:16:20
As 2018 came to a close and 2019 came rushing in, we wish everyone a very happy new year and hope to bring you lots of joy gaming!
Posted on: 2018-11-16 18:25:38
We are proud to announce that Killer7 Remastered is now available for purchase at the Steam store! To celebrate the launch, publisher NISA even threw on a 10% discount! Relive or experience for the first time the marvellous world of the Killer 7 as written and directed by Suda51.
External Link: Steam Store

Posted on: 2018-09-28 12:00:00
Ubisoft has announced the pending release of RISK for Nintendo Switch. Following our collaboration on Monopoly for Nintendo Switch we are delighted to work with Ubisoft once again to bring this absolute classic boardgame interpretation to Nintendo's platform.
Posted on: 2018-09-22 10:57:31
8-Bit Armies, the reimagining of a classic RTS series by Petroglyph Games, has been released by publisher Soedesco for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Engine Software is proud to have worked in close collaboration with Petroglyph and Soedesco to bring this fast and furious RTS experience to console audiences worldwide.

Posted on: 2018-08-28 23:12:48
Into the Breach, the second indie-smash-hit by Subset Games (the first one of course being FTL) is out for Nintendo Switch now! In a surprise announcement Nintendo themselves announced the fan-favorite game to available right now during their Nindies showscase live stream.
External Link: Launch Trailer
Posted on: 2018-08-20 13:12:48
We're proud to have once again partnered up with NISA to bring another game back to the fans. After Killer7 - currently in development - we are also working on Caligula Effect: Overdose for PC and Nintendo Switch.
Posted on: 2018-08-08 23:21:39
8-Bit Armies, the fantastic retro-styled RTS series by veteran developers Petroglyph Games will be released on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 21st 2018.
External Link: Release Trailer

Posted on: 2018-05-28 04:06:59
We are proud to announce that with NIS America Inc. we are bringing Suda51's cult classic game Killer7 back to the players. We are currently in the process of remastering the game for release on Steam. Originally released for the GameCube and PlayStation 2, killer7 casts players as the titular assassin group as they try to take down the terrorist organization known as Heaven Smile.
External Link: Announcement Trailer

Posted on: 2018-05-18 08:20:19
Bandai-Namco has released the long awaited Nintendo Switch version of Little Nightmares today. Don't miss this unique game on Switch!
Posted on: 2018-03-09 17:10:05
Little Nightmares, the horror adventure game that has thrilled and captivated so many people on other platforms IS coming to Nintendo Switch! Announced in the Nintendo Direct on March 8th, publisher Bandai-Namco and Engine Software are bringing this fan favorite to the Nintendo Switch! The Complete Edition will include both Six's and Kid's storyline.
External Link: Nintendo Switch eShop

Posted on: 2018-01-11 18:46:06
Bust out anywhere, with anyone on the Nintendo Switch™. Team up with another inmate for local two player split screen mode, taking a Joy-Con™ each to either team up to break out, or work against one another to determine who’s the quickest convict to make an escape.

Risk it all to breakout from the toughest prisons in the world. Explore the biggest prisons yet, with multiple floors, roofs, vents and underground tunnels.
External Link: Nintendo eShop
Posted on: 2018-01-01 18:27:56
2017 was an incredibly productive year for us and one where we have established ourselves (once more) as one of the most active developers for a new Nintendo platform. We wish everyone the absolute best for this year - 2018 - our 23rd year in the games business! Huzzah!
Posted on: 2017-12-21 12:38:30
Publisher FDG Entertainment has released Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King for the Nintendo Switch today. Our latest developed game on the Switch (original game by Castle Pixel) seemed like such a natural match to the platform that we are excited to see what players will think of it.

Posted on: 2017-11-03 20:31:30
Two Tribes has announced that the ultimate edition of RIVE is coming out November 17th! Pilot your spider tank as it runs, jumps and shoots its way through hordes of mechanical enemies on land, underwater, in zero gravity and even on a moving train. RIVE is a modern ode to classic shooters, pumping megapixels at a deliciously smooth 60 frames per second, even in 1080p mode! Features exclusive Co-Pilot mode!!
Posted on: 2017-11-01 12:12:30
Ubisoft has released the long awaited Switch version of Monopoly. With Nintendo Switch capabilities, feel the roll of the dice with the HD Rumble feature and play with up to six players online or offline. As you progress, win rewards, unlock the exclusive content and watch the city prosper!
Posted on: 2017-10-09 19:30:22
We have the most amazing sale coming up people! For the entire week of October 12th to October 19th every single Nintendo 3DS game that we published: Gunslugs, Gunslugs 2, Sumico, Mindfeud (EU only) and Proun+ will be on sale for $1,- only (or local equivalent). That's up to 80% off!

Posted on: 2017-09-10 11:42:43
Earthlock: Festival of Magic, the kickstarter game succesfully developed and released by Snowcastle Games is now available for Wii U. A stretch goal in the kickstarter campaign, Snowcastle Games teamed up with Engine Software to fulfil this promise to its backers. We are proud to have completed this work of passion.

Posted on: 2017-07-17 14:15:43
Team17 and original developer have announced that Escapists 2 will make its way to the new Nintendo Switch platform. Engine Software will handle porting the game to the new platform for Team17. A release date has not yet been announced.

Posted on: 2017-05-17 19:01:21
Now available for Playstation Vita: explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures which will help you on your quest. Use all your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and the sea monster Oceanhorn.
Posted on: 2017-04-17 22:14:59
The classic board game Monopoly is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall, and up to six players can vie for real-estate supremacy whether you’re in front of a TV or playing on-the-go in tabletop mode. Monopoly for Nintendo Switch also takes advantage of online play and HD Rumble, with the latter letting you feel the roll of the dice through the controller.
External Link: Ubisoft Offical Site

Posted on: 2017-03-13 22:25:22
Oceanhorn is now available for Android devices! After already working on the PS4 and Xbox One releases of Oceanhorn, we also worked with FDG Entertainment and Cornfox & Bros to get the game out on Android platforms. We are currently working on Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch versions also.
Posted on: 2017-03-01 04:25:22
In close collaboration with Two Tribes, we are working on bringing their final game RIVE to the Nintendo Switch. RIVE’s unique 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid lets you choreograph a ‘dance of destruction’. It feels like the explosive games of yore, pumping megapixels in true 21st century style. Available on Steam and soon the Nintendo Switch. Release date will follow!
Posted on: 2017-02-20 20:34:10
Cornfox & Bros' debut RPG "Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas" is officially getting a Nintendo Switch release! After working with publisher FDG Entertainment and Cornfox last year to release the game on PS4 and Xbox One, we were already busy with a PS Vita version after that platform was chosen in a poll held by FDG amongst their community. Now we are proud to announce the game will also be released on the Nintendo Switch! Development is already well under way, but we cannot confirm a release date yet! Stay tuned!

Posted on: 2017-02-10 00:01:33
We are happy and proud to announce our collaboration with Petroglyph Games and publisher Soedesco to bring 8-Bit Armies to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. 8-Bit Armies is a retro-style fast paced RTS that returns to the core principles of Command & Conquer (it is also developed by a lot of original C&C developers).
External Link: Official Site

Posted on: 2017-02-01 19:02:07
We are proud to announce that we have been working with Snowcastle Games to bring their beautiful RPG "Earthlock: Festival of Magic" to the Nintendo Wii U. This kickstarted game - available now for PC and Xbox One - brings back the story-driven classic RPG style and envelopes you in the beautiful world of Umbra. If you love a good story, character-driven narratives, exploration and mysteries and a good sense of humour...keep an eye out for Earthlock!
External Link: Official Site
Posted on: 2017-01-01 18:53:07
Happy New Year everyone! A brand new year awaits us and it is already looking to be a great and busy year for us. We hope for many interesting and fulfilling games to work on as we have had in the past and we want to thank our followers, our players, and our clients for the continuing trust, respect and support! Let's make it a great year!

Posted on: 2016-11-17 18:22:38
Winter is coming! It is unlikely there will be any white walkers to fight, so instead why don't you pick up a fun video game for cheap? We'll have two Nintendo 3DS games for sale in the eShop December 1st up until December 15th: Proun+ and Sumico!

Posted on: 2016-10-04 19:29:25
Oceanhorn, the game we ported to PS4 and Xbox One and which was released recently by publisher FDG Entertainment is adding another platform logo to its stable. After a customer survey FDG has announced the game will now also be developed for PlayStation Vita! We'll keep you up to date in regards to progress and release dates!

Posted on: 2016-09-08 18:32:19
Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This thrilling RPG, developed by Cornfox & Bros, lets you adventure all across the sea with countless islands to discover and explore. Featuring music by video game legends Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy) and Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu).

Posted on: 2016-09-02 14:44:19
The Wii U version of Terraria is getting it's "catch up" update today, which will put it on par with all the other console versions in terms of content and bug fixes. Publisher 505 Games has also announced that like PS3, Xbox 360 and Vita this will be the final update for the Wii U.

Posted on: 2016-09-01 19:24:02
Oceanhorn, originally developed by CornFox Bros, will be releasing soon on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Publisher FDG Entertainment has just announced the game will ship on September 7th 2016! Pre-ordering is available for the Xbox One version of Oceanhorn!

Posted on: 2016-08-24 05:40:02
It is done. Our final update for Terraria on consoles before passing the torch to 505's studio Pipeworks. It has been a long road working on Terraria, with a whole bunch of initial (pre-release) hurdles to overcome to make the game playable on the limited hardware and of course controller instead of KB/M. In the end we can look back proudly on what was accomplished. The player base for Terraria was doubled with the addition of the console versions, and we want to thank the community for all their support during these years.

Posted on: 2016-07-27 00:00:20
Our publisher 505 Games has today announced that after one more bug fix update, it will not be porting over any newer updates for Terraria to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms.

After this next update, Engine's involvement in the Terraria consoles development will also end. 505 Games will centralize all future development of Terraria with developer Pipeworks, which is owned by the same company that owns 505 Games itself.

Posted on: 2016-07-16 08:21:08
Terraria, the award-winning multi-million selling sandbox RPG is now available for the Wii U! After already releasing the game - originally developed by Re-Logic for PC - on PS3, PS4, PSVita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the Wii U is now the 6th platform to receive the royal Terraria treatment from Engine Software and publisher 505 Games.

Posted on: 2016-06-21 21:17:12
Proun+, the exhilarating "journey through modern art" racing game will be released for Apple TV this Thursday, June 23rd! The game averages an 8.5 metacritic score and was recently changed from a premium game to Free to Play on Apple devices. Soon Apple TV owners will also be able to enjoy jazzy soundtracks, abstract art and neck-breaking speeds!

Posted on: 2016-06-16 12:36:04
Today marks the release of the original Gunslugs for Nintendo 3DS! Released worldwide for the low price of $1.99 (or local equivalent), get your copy now on the Nintendo 3DS eShop!

Posted on: 2016-06-13 19:29:10
In just a few days - on June 16th - the original Gunslugs created by indie developer OrangePixel will be released on the 3DS eShop worldwide! Grab your copy of the game for only $1.99 (or local equivalent).

Posted on: 2016-05-11 19:19:28
We are proud to announce that Proun+ for iOS as of right this moment is free to play! Anyone with an iPad 2 (or higher) or an iPhone 4 (or higher) can now look up our artsy racing game and enjoy the high octane rush through virtual paintings. No more excuses people, get it now!
External Link: iTunes link

Posted on: 2016-05-11 02:24:43
Engine Software and OrangePixel are proud to announce that after the well received 3DS port of GunSlugs 2, we are now working together again to bring the original game - strangely enough called "GunSlugs" - to the 3DS eShop as well. A release date is not far off, and will be announced as soon as it is known.

Posted on: 2016-05-06 01:01:03
2D sandbox title Terraria finally has a Wii U launch date! It'll arrive in Europe on the 24th of June, and in North America on the 28th of June. This will be the sixth version of Terraria developed by Engine Software, after the PS3/PS4/Vita/Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.
External Link: Wii U Trailer

Posted on: 2016-04-18 06:14:05
Engine Software is proud to announce we have signed a development deal with publisher FDG Entertainment to bring the indie hit game Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas to Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The game is originally developed by Cornfox & Bros and is available on Steam. More news to follow soon!
External Link: Cornfox & Bros Oceanhorn Devlog

Posted on: 2015-12-29 18:10:36
We would like to share one of the latest additions to Terraria: Otherworld - Swing Grappling! A new and improved way to traverse your world. In other news, we are pushing the launch of Terraria: Otherworld into 2016. Simply put, the game is not ready yet - as we laid out in the beginning, we will only launch the game when we feel it meets our standards as a finished product. The team continues and will continue to work hard in the months ahead to get T: OW to a place where we will be proud to release it to you and it will be worthy of your support and expectations.
External Link: Video

Posted on: 2015-12-16 18:10:36
We are happy to announce that publisher 505 Games has just released the latest update for Terraria on PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox360 and Xbox One. This update included a ton of bug fixes and the long awaited fishing mechanic and a new boss in Duke Fishron. Full change log can be found through the link below!
External Link: Terraria Forums

Posted on: 2015-08-01 19:43:54
We are delighted to report we will be bringing - and publishing - the hit indie game Gunslugs 2 to the Nintendo 3DS. Originally released by orangePixel for PC, Mac, mobile and Ouya the 3DS version is currently in development!

Posted on: 2015-07-10 13:28:54
Engine Software is proud to announce we have teamed up with developer Comcept and legendary game designer Keiji Inafune (Mega Man, Onimusha) to bring Mighty No9 to PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

Posted on: 2015-06-07 09:31:44
We are happy to announce the latest update for consoles is (will go) live today across all platforms. This update includes a whole bunch of small quality-of-life changes like up-side-down slopes, sound effects for waterfalls and critters, Boss Mask drops and the Travelling Merchant NPC.
External Link: Changelog

Posted on: 2015-06-05 18:31:44
Join us on a whirlwind tour of a handful of biomes that you will encounter in Terraria: Otherworld - accompanied by a selection of tunes from the game's epic soundtrack!
External Link: Youtube Video

Posted on: 2015-02-19 19:21:45
The second installment in Kata Enterprises' educational story-based series "SMART Adventures" has been released for iOS today! Mission Math 2: Peril at the Pyramids follows the continued story of the player and other returning characters in their battle against TOAD.
External Link: Official website

Posted on: 2015-02-16 19:30:19
Engine Software is happy and proud to announce our collaboration with indie developer Re-Logic with the development of Terraria: Otherworld. This brand new game set in the Terraria universe...or multiverse has now been officialy announced. Go have a look at the official site!
External Link: Official site

Posted on: 2015-02-11 20:20:30
SMART Adventures: Mission Math 2: Peril at the Pyramids, the second adventure in our highly rated educational series developed with Kata Enterprises, will release for iOS on February 18th! Check the trailer, tell your friends, tell your school, get that game!

Posted on: 2015-02-04 08:20:30
Proun+ received a nomination from PocketGamer as best new Racing game for 2014! Visit the link below and help us win another PocketGamer award (Terraria won Vita Game of the Year last time around)!
External Link: PocketGamer Awards

Posted on: 2015-02-03 18:07:24
Publisher 505 Games today announced the impending release of the next update for Terraria on all console platforms. This update, which should be released in the next two to three weeks will include the highly anticipated Frost Moon event.
External Link: Announcement

Posted on: 2015-01-27 20:07:24
Sumico, the numbers game, which we released for Nintendo 3DS in Europe last month, is now also available in the American territories!

Posted on: 2014-12-18 08:43:22
Sumico, the numbers game, is available for Nintendo 3DS in European territories as of right now! That is 17-(9+8) minutes from now! The game is still in the pipeline for a release in the American territories, we will keep you updated on progress there.

Posted on: 2014-12-15 09:43:22
We are happy to announce the Christmas update for Terraria is now out across all console platforms. This update has several bug fixes, changes to the Christmas event (stackable presents ftw!) and introduces the customizable Christmas trees.

Posted on: 2014-11-27 00:30:58
Proun+ is available now on iTunes! Released worldwide on the 27th (it is already the 27th in New Zealand, lucky bastards!) Proun+ supports iPad 2 and iPhone 4 (or higher) and is priced at $ 3.99 / € 3,59 and £ 2.49. Proun+ will also be made available on Nintendo 3DS™ later this year (scheduled for December 25th).
External Link: iTunes Store

Posted on: 2014-11-16 06:30:58
Terraria has been released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One in both the European as the American territories! The companion app for iOS and Android which allows you to stream the mini-map in real-time to you mobile device is currently still in submission.

Posted on: 2014-10-28 05:02:36
Engine Software and Joost van Dongen are proud to announce that Proun+ is making its way to iOS and 3DS later this year. This heavily updated version of the on-rain modern art racer (new music, new tracks, new game modes) will get an official release date soon. In the meantime, check out the first trailer!

Posted on: 2014-10-03 15:43:22
We are happy to announce that Mindfeud for Nintendo 3DS will be released next month in the eShop. An exact date is not available right now but will be announced soon. The game will be available for download for $ 4.99 (or the local equivalent).

Posted on: 2014-09-19 18:23:59
Engine is proud to announce it is bringing Norwegian outfit Monkeybin's classic hit MindFeud back in the form of a Nintendo 3DS release! The Nintendo 3DS version is true to the original and fully feature complete but adds a completely exclusive Single Player mode to the game to better facilitate its transition to a handheld gaming system.

Posted on: 2014-06-03 12:17:00
Publisher 505 Games has just announced that the indie-hit Terraria is going Next-Gen! Engine Software is continueing the development of Terraria updates for Playstation 3, Playstation Vita, and Xbox 360 while adding Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions to the mix.

Posted on: 2014-05-28 06:00:00
Today, publisher and partner KATA Enterprises has announced the long awaited second installment of the S.M.A.R.T. Adventures series: Peril at the Pyramids. The first game in the series, developed by Engine for iOS, Android and Wii-U, received critical acclaim and plenty of choice awards. KATA has not announced any details yet, other than it is coming later this year.
External Link: Official site

Posted on: 2014-04-17 13:04:20
The massive 1.2 update for Terraria has been released accross all console platforms today! Enjoy the addition of over 1000 new items, new bosses, new events, new NPCs, new world-generation and much, much more. For the full change log, click the link below!
External Link: Change Log

Posted on: 2014-03-16 19:51:20
Our Dutch app "Angry Bert" jumped to the number 1 spot in the downloads chart, and that in only one day! Angry Bert is a free-to-play game starring Dutch stand-up comedian legend Bert Visscher.

Posted on: 2014-02-13 08:58:14
We are tremendously excited to announce that the Playstation Vita version of Terraria has been nominated for Vita Game of the Year alongside some other most excellent games like Spelunky, Tearaway and Ys. If you think Terraria deserves to win it (and why should you not?), follow the link and vote!
External Link: PGA Awards Voting Page

Posted on: 2014-01-29 19:27:34
We just posted a follow-up to our 1.2 Conversion Progress report on the Terraria Online forums. Biggest news? Halloween event will be included in the update! Huzzah! To read everything else in the report, head over to TO with the link below.
External Link: Terraria Online

Posted on: 2014-01-15 19:25:00
As a follow-up to the 1.2 porting progress we posted earlier on Terraria Online, we have released the first four screenshots showing new 1.2 content on consoles. You can find them on our Facebook page, by following the link below!
External Link: Engine Facebook page

Posted on: 2014-01-13 12:25:00
We have made a significant post on the Terraria Online forums containing the latest information on our progress of porting the huge Terraria PC 1.2 update to consoles. We will keep giving out this information in the coming weeks, so far it is going really well!
External Link: Terraria Online

Posted on: 2014-01-07 20:49:35
Terraria for Playstation Vita, already receiving tons and tons of praise since its release on December 11th, keeps getting praise from pundits all over the world. "Terraria is an incredible adventure that continually excites your imagination with the endless secrets that await" and "Terraria is a fantastic game, and it bolsters the Vita’s lineup considerably" are just two of the latest comments!
External Link: Gamespot Review
Posted on: 2014-01-01 00:01:01
Happy New Year to everyone! We are proud to finally have our new website live, it has been many months in the works. The old website was getting way too cumbersome to maintain and especially the information on our long trackrecord with over 120 games was impossible to keep up to date and accurate. Now with this brand new - completely database driven - website, you can look back through the years all the way back to our pre-professional era. Enjoy browsing!

Posted on: 2013-12-26 23:52:36
We are happy to announce our 1.04 patch for Xbox 360 is now available for download on Xbox Live. Patch 1.04 is a bug fix patch that solves several nasty bugs including Terraria getting stuck in Trial mode, and stacks of 999 not being saved correctly when stored in chests.
External Link: Changelog

Posted on: 2013-12-20 23:52:36
Engine Software is honored to announce we will develop the indie hit Proun, created by Joost van Dongen, for the Nintendo 3DS and Android platforms. The new versions of Proun will have unique new content expanding the user experience significantly. Original creator Joost van Dongen will remain involved with all new content, and personally create new music for these versions.
External Link: Proun website

Posted on: 2013-12-17 22:43:05
We are proud to announce that Terraria for Playstation Vita is now available on the Playstation Network. The Vita version of Terraria includes additional touch controls, a zoom function and Cross-Play with Playstation 3.

Posted on: 2013-12-05 11:43:05
Our bug fix patch (v1.04) for Terraria is now available for PS3. The patch fixes several bugs introduced in 1.03 or earlier. It also introduces cloud save functionality and Cross-Play with Playstation Vita.

Posted on: 2013-10-02 15:05:22
We are happy to officially announce that Terraria for Playstation VITA will feature Cross-Play support between Vita and PS3 owners of the game! [insert happy dance]. Who else is stoked?

Posted on: 2013-09-30 11:02:00
"If you have a tween daughter, download this app." - USA Today Yes, USA Today reviewed the best education apps for children, and that was their final recommendation on SMART Adventures: Sabotage at the Space Station!
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